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Recognising the importance of Information Technology, Altech Infosys aspires to re-engineer the way companies conduct their business. By tapping the versatility of both IT and the Internet, we will transform your business by equipping you with tools to compete effectively.

Altech Infosys is a comprehensive total IT solutions provider. We have a wide range of IT services and solutions, which can be fully integrated with many of the current resources. Having partnered with companies who, in themselves have unique strengths catering to their respective niche markets, Altech Infosys is able to deliver high performance solutions to the fullest satisfaction of our clients. Commitment to our clients is our promise and we do this by addressing your unique needs. We believe in fast deployment and our dedicated teamwork hard to ensure this. In addition, Altech Infosys is a reliable provider of innovative web-enabled solutions so that you can reach your customers or partners globally on a 24/7 basis.

As a firm believer in strategic alliances, our international partnerships with IT companies enable us to provide products and services to you at very competitive prices . Companies know that not only do they have to be technologically advanced but also their presence in the digital age is crucial to their success. Supported by professionals having more than 30 years of experience in IT & Software Developments, Multimedia, Digital CCTV / Surveillance, Business Planning & Development and Consultancy, Altech Infosys will ensure your smooth transition into the digital age.

IT services and solutions

30 years of experience in IT & Software Developments


We will make a profound difference in accelerating your growth and dynamism by using technology to maximise the potential.


Altech Infosys aims to be your preferred business and IT partner for its cost-effective innovative solutions.